University level

Dr Janine Rix can deliver the following sessions as interactive workshops for small groups, or engaging presentations for large groups.

Learning How to Learn – understand how the brain learns new information and the importance of having the right mindset for success. This provides a critical foundation, enabling students to get the most out of their learning and studying – 1 hour

Study & Exams 101 – learn the key strategies that enable effective note-taking, subject revision, and ultimately confidence and success with exams – 1 hour

Mindset for Successthis session can be run for students / parents / teachers and/or early-childhood educators and will outline the fascinating research behind Growth Mindsets, an essential ingredient for success with learning – 1 hour

Mindfulness for Study Success learn about evidence-based mindfulness techniques that enable better learning – 1 hour

Study Focuslearn evidence-based techniques for avoiding procrastination and maintaining focus – 1 hour

The Secrets to Assignment success this is a general session about how to produce top-quality assignments. It can also be tailored to specific assignments – 1-2 hours

How to succeed at uni as a mature-age student – learn about proven strategies for success for those juggling study and life outside of university 1 hour

How to support your student – this session is for parents and/or partners of students who want to learn how they can best support their students – 1 hour

Tutor Training have you ever thought about becoming a tutor yourself? This workshop will teach you the basics of how to get started and how to be an effective tutor, based on Janine’s research and direct experience3 hours

Bespoke workshops can also be developed to suit your needs – contact Janine to find out more.

I would recommend the workshop to anyone starting out at uni. So excited for this education (First year student, University of Southern Queensland, 2017)

The workshop was helpful and it made me feel inspired to embrace the challenges (First year student, University of Southern Queensland, 2017)

I went along to Janine’s talk and found it extremely inspiring and motivating! (Second year student, Murdoch University, 2012)

I must congratulate Janine Rix. The presentation assisted greatly in demystifying university life and clarifying the various complexities of the university experience (Academic, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, Murdoch University, 2011)

Janine does a fantastic job of connecting with students and helping them to connect with each other, which is a pleasure for all of us who are involved in teaching (Academic, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, Murdoch University, 2012)