High School Students

Dr Janine Rix can provide the following support online or within the Brisbane metropolitan area

Personalised Learning Advising Dr Janine Rix can meet with you or your child to determine your current learning and studying needs. A bespoke Success Plan is then developed, usually consisting of a number of tailored Learning Advising sessions.

Focus areas include:

Biology tuition – students receive personalised one-on-one tuition, advice and support surrounding concepts and assignments from Year 11 and Year 12 Biology.

Learning How to Learn – understand how the brain learns new information and the importance of having the right mindset for success. This provides a critical foundation, enabling students to go on to get the most out of their learning and studying.

Study & Exams 101 – advice around the key strategies that enable effective note-taking, subject revision, and ultimately confidence and success with exams.

School Assignments – guidance around producing good quality school assignments, including how to: unpack the assignment task; develop a clear plan for the assignment; develop your research skills; write effectively; and nail the referencing.

Study Focuslearn evidence-based techniques for avoiding procrastination and maintaining focus while studying.

Mindfulness for Study Success learn about evidence-based mindfulness techniques that enable better learning.

Failure – how to learn from failure and move towards success.

Bespoke sessions can be developed if required – Contact Janine to discuss your needs.

Janine is a very hard working tutor and is always well prepared for her sessions. She provided many aspects of advice and made sure my daughter was on track. We really appreciate her help over the past 6 months (Elsa, parent of Year 12 student, Brisbane, 2022)

I started sessions with Janine feeling low in confidence with regards to biology, had very low grades and was struggling to understand content. After being consistent with Janine and having extremely helpful support, I finished year 12 with high grades and a high level of confidence and interest for biology (Year 12 Biology student, Brisbane, 2021).

Janine is hands-down the best tutor we have ever had. Her approach is professional and genuinely empathetic, and we have seen our daughter’s anxiety plummet more and more each week. Janine provides not only the tools but the reassurance that we as parents aren’t able to provide when it comes to a difficult subject. We feel very fortunate to have found Janine (Parent of Year 12 student, Brisbane, 2021)

Janine has a beautiful energy about her approach to helping us a family. She knows her stuff and is understanding about individual needs to a degree that is unique and is able to adapt her teaching styles to connect to her students in a deep and supportive way. She is a great sounding board for me as a mum trying to support my children to get through the challenges of year twelve (Parent of Year 12 student, Brisbane, 2021)

Janine provides a unique tutoring service that goes above and beyond her expertise in biology to support her students with organisation skills, planning and goal setting. She is caring and genuinely invested in her student’s success. We are extremely grateful for finding Janine. Highly Recommended! (Parent of Year 12 student, Brisbane, 2021).

Janine is an exceptional tutor who is a fantastic support to our son in year 12. She is enthusiastic, understanding, and is so very encouraging of our son’s effort and progress. She had a deep appreciation that organisation, prioritisation, and time management are skills that don’t come naturally to all kids. We have really appreciated her detailed summaries of their sessions so that we know what they have discussed, and the skills they are working on. We highly recommend Janine! (Parent of Year 12 student, Brisbane, 2021)

Janine is warm, kind, and most of all passionate about her work and her students. She helped me reach my full potential in grade 12, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support in their studies (former Year 12, online student, 2021).

Janine’s ability to provide a comprehensive overview of learning strategies as well as subject specific help for biology is unique in school education. I found her approach and willingness to help exceeded that provided by my child’s school and gave us insight to my child’s learning at a time where we were at a loss as to know exactly where my child needed assistance (Parent of Year 12 student, Brisbane, 2020).

Janine is very friendly and approachable. She articulates concepts very clearly and often has a memorable example or fun fact to help it stick in your mind. Her passion for science is also plain to see, and it is easy to get caught up in it (Year 12 student, 2019)

We really appreciate the personal approach with your sessions, where you execute the perfect balance of enjoyment and challenge that keeps our son engaged and looking forward to your session every week. We feel that your contribution was one of the most valuable investments we have made in our son’s development (Parent, Brisbane, 2019).

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash