Postgraduate Students

Are you writing a thesis?

Check out my free foolproof formula for the General Discussion Chapter of your thesis. You can also download it as a nifty PDF guide here.

Dr Janine Rix can provide personalised support to postgraduate students online or within the Brisbane metropolitan area.

Focus areas of support include:

Postgraduate Success Planning – designed for Honours/Masters/PhD students wanting to learn proven strategies for staying on track with their research projects – 2 or 3 hours

Postgraduate Thesis Review – Janine can read and review your Honours, Masters or PhD thesis draft and provide feedback regarding the flow, structure, grammar and strength of your thesis argument before you submit to your supervisors and/or examiners – time determined on case-by-case basis

Mindset for Successthis session will outline the fascinating research behind Growth Mindsets, an essential ingredient for success with learning and research – 1 hour

Mindfulness for Study Success learn about evidence-based mindfulness techniques that reduce stress and enable better study outcomes – 1 hour

Study Focuslearn evidence-based techniques for avoiding procrastination and maintaining focus – 1 hour

How to support your student – this session is for parents, partners and carers of postgraduate students who want to learn how they can best support their students – 1 hour

Bespoke sessions can also be developed to suit your needs. Contact Janine to find out more.

Janine was the first person to read the full draft of my PhD thesis. Her feedback was detailed and so well-considered. She took the time not only to provide constructive suggestions, but also to highlight areas of strength in the thesis and to provide positive feedback throughout, which made me feel so much more confident about my work. Implementing her suggestions improved the thesis in multiple respects and after this I felt confident and excited to pass the draft on to my advisors (PhD student, University of Queensland, 2019)

At the beginning of my PhD Janine gave me some really great advice that helped get me through the really hard times. It really helped me to keep things in perspective (PhD student, University of Queensland, 2019)

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash