High School

Dr Janine Rix can deliver the following sessions as interactive workshops for small classroom-sized groups, or engaging presentations for larger groups.

Learning How to Learn – understand how the brain learns new information and the importance of having the right mindset for success. This provides a critical foundation, enabling students to get the most out of their learning and studying – 1 hour

Study & Exams 101 – learn the key strategies that enable effective note-taking, subject revision, and ultimately confidence and success with exams – 1 hour

Mindfulness for Study Success learn about evidence-based mindfulness techniques that enable better learning – 1 hour

Study Focuslearn evidence-based techniques for avoiding procrastination and maintaining focus – 1 hour

The Secrets to Assignment success this is a general session about how to produce top-quality assignments. It can also be tailored to specific assignments – 1-2 hours

How to support your student – this session is for parents and carers who want to learn how they can best support their students – 1 hour

Bespoke workshops can also be developed to suit your needs – contact Janine to find out more.